How to Build a Successful Business Based on a Domain Name...

There are many reasons that people or companies should invest in domains. By themselves, domains can be stores of wealth, recurring revenue producers, or sources for qualified lead generation. And one of the main reasons that businesses should invest in domain names is because of the brandability that domains can help achieve.

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Do I Need More Than One Domain Name?

You might be thinking that you could make a copy of your website and use an alternate domain name for that copy. Hey, two websites are better than one right? You might have a domain name like www ace plumbing com that goes to your main website.

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Managing Domain Names Made Easy

Buying a domain name is a relatively simple process, but it can be confusing managing them. There are a lot of options to consider, and there are hundreds of registrars to choose from.

A Good Domain Name Market Your Brand

Do you know when starting a new website, one of the most important decisions you’ve got to make is choosing the right domain name to market or promote your brand online, as it will impact your business’s success in virtually every possible way.

Increasing the Value of Your Domain Name...

Every investor wants to get top dollar for their Domain Name yet oftentimes we just see a bunch of low ball offers, nothing substantial.

Can your domain name be stolen?

Your domain name is registered somewhere out in cyberspace through an authorized domain name registrar. Do you know which one? Do you know who is listed as the registrant/owner of your domain names?

How To Value A Domain Name

You’ve decided on a domain name for your new business, and the domain is already registered and for sale. How much should you be willing to pay?